A brief to Ruentex Materials and ShifuGrout U799

2019 / 10 / 23

Ruentex Materials Co., Ltd. is a listed company founded in 1992 that belongs to Ruentex Group, which was ranked the third largest group in Taiwan in 2017, according to China Credit Information Services Ltd.

Ruentex Materials is the largest Ready-Mixed Mortar brand and one of the most well-known cement manufacturers in Taiwan. A strong R&D team is dedicated to the development of ultra-high strength grouting material ShifuGrout U799, which could accommodate the high temperature weather condition in Taiwan to enable offshore wind turbine foundation installations.

ShifuGrout U799 is produced in our self-owned Ready-Mixed factories in TW. Our existing Yilan factory production capacity exceeds 300,000 tons per year, and we are expecting another 300,000-tons-capacity factory in Pingtung that will be completed in 2020. We implement the most advanced automatic facilities and core production technologies so that we could provide flexible and short-term delivery services to our clients. Ruentex Materials holds geographical advantage in Asia compared to European grout suppliers; it takes less than 5 hours from Yilan factory to Taichung port by truck, where current offshore wind turbine development is located in Taiwan. With flexible transportation and local condition familiarity, we could offer our customers quality assured product that is tailored to the construction plan. We have been the leading manufacturer in the business with robust and extensive sales network.

Ruentex Materials not only owns qualified manufacturing, testing, and inspection facilities, our manufacturing process is also carried out by qualified personnel with consistent product quality monitoring, which are all certified by DNV GL. Ruentex Materials strictly implements ISO9001, 14001, 45001, and 50001 standards to assure the quality and consistency of our products for each customer.

ShifuGrout U799 obtained DNV GL Type Approval Certificate (TAC) in September 2019. A full scale mock-up testing at standard (20°C) and elevated (35°C) temperature was performed with procedures approved by DNV GL. The product is specifically formulated for working environments in subtropical regions like Taiwan. To ensure the quality and safety of the works performed under high temperature up to 35°C in high volume demand, ShifuGrout U799 is without doubt your most reliable partner for offshore wind turbine foundations grouting. The features and benefits are summarized as below:

Ultra high strength grout, characteristic strength fck is 127Mpa
High early and final strength
No segregation nor bleeding
No wash-out during under water grouting
Pump over long distance and large heights
Extended pot life ≥ 2 hours
Excellent durability 
Excellent fatigue resistance

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