ShifuGrout T508 Series

ShifuGrout T508 Series is used to transmit heat from underground electrical cables to surrounding soil or rock, especially for HDD projects.

The low thermal resistance of the ShifuGrout T508 Series ensures excellent heat dissipation, therefore reduces capacity loss in the cable line and the power capability of the cable route is thus permanently increased.


ShifuGrout T508 Series is a heat-conducting special construction material developed as a backfilling material for underground power transmission. As its excellent free-flow properties, ShifuGrout T508 Series is outstandingly
well-suited for backfilling the residual annular space between the cable and the tube, especially for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects.


  • Excellent free-flowing properties
  • Able to pump for long-distance and large height
  • Improved heat dissipation for cables
  • Increased power capacity
  • Reduction of conductor cross-section area
  • Resistance to setting to enable cables to be replaced and maintained in the future


  • Water demand: Approx. 80%
  • 1000 kg powder will yield approximately 1200 litre of mixed grout


  • ShifuGrout T508 Series is packed in a watertight bulk bag, 1te/bag.


  • Store under a dry condition in closed silos.
  • Shelf life under these conditions is 6 months.



  • Original ShifuGrout T508 Series thermal grout material is a non-hardening suspension. We could customize the material base on clients’ requests as well: The material with compressive strength or different requests of thermal resistance/ conductivity.

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